On Inspections

It feels like I’m undergoing some kind of secret rite of passage in preparing to buy this house.  And, with any ritual, there’s some fear and maybe even some blood. Let’s begin with fear. The fear has now gone far beyond the merely financial. What I’m beginning to confront is my life-long fear of basements and all things having to fuses, wiring, electrical, and circuits.  It’s the skanky underbelly of every house and the one area that I have spent my life avoiding. It’s becoming clear to me that I will need to embrace and know this part of my house.  And that scares me.

But the greater fear hidden below the basement fear is my fear of the truth: That I would clearly prefer to live in blissful ignorance of things that are dank and dark and covered in cobwebs. If the laundry were not in the basement, there’s a good chance that it could be years before I willingly ventured down there. Let’s face it–I’m more of an attic kind of girl than a basement dweller.

And now I will try to show you some pictures of my future abode!


One Response to On Inspections

  1. kmiddleton says:

    I think you can learn to love the “skanky underbelly” in an ironic way. Like one would love generic beer. Or a “Married With Children” episode. Embrace your inner skank voyeur!

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