Passing the test

Imagine my surprise when my mortgage broker tells me that I need to take an online course in homebuyer education as part of the spanking sweet SONYMA deal I’m just barely elegible for. A class? Well, okay. So yesterday I logon and–like the good student I am–take out my notebook and pen for, umm, taking notes.  As I read through the instructions, I can’t help but freak out when I see that this test will take 6-8 hours. That’s right. HOURS. Jesus Wept.

20 minutes later I click on “submit” and nervously await my test results, Bingo! I’m in like flynn. Thank God for that Ph.D.

Let’s just say that if you have questions about PITI or the risks of predatory mortgage brokers or what foreclosure means, feel free to ask me. I’ve got my notes right here.


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