Away in Ohio

So the other day my reader asked me where I’d been and when the hell I was going to update my blog. He’d noticed that I’d been  absent for quite a while.  I’m actually attending an insitute here in the fine city of Columbus, Ohio to learn more about digital media and how to think about using new media tools in the writing classroom. So, lots of good stuff, lots of learning, and lots of information overload.  The irony, of course, is that in the meantime my own blog  has withered and died on the vine. But I’m back–even if I have no idea what to do with CSSs.

The house has faded into the background as I make a new temporary home for myself here in room #525 in The Holiday Inn. There are many reasons why I wouldn’t want to live in  a hotel, but right up there would be the scratchy bedsheets, thin towels, and packets of Folgers. Really. Who drinks Folgers anymore?

In between sessions on Dreamweaver and Photoshop, I’ve been calling my lawyer, my insurance company, and my mortgage broker. We’re on schedule to close on June 14th–which is a week from tomorrow.  I could tell it’d been a while since I’d thought about the house because when All State asked me for the address, I was like…um….hang one…wait for it…

By the way, once I do learn more about how to manage and design my site here at this blog, I want to spend some more time differentiating myself from other houseblogs.  Like, you know, the ones that write about redoing their whole kitchen around Le Creuset’s new color line. Dear reader, my story is different. My story will be about how garage sailing, repurposing, and shoestring budgets can make life interesting while you make your home beautiful.


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