Reasons to love Albany: #1

The trash men pick up anything. Anything! Mattresses, old bikes, fans, drywall, sofas…
Or so I’ve been told.  I spent a half hour last night (pre-yoga) lugging trash bags and carpet rolls to the front curb.  I’m thinking I’ll need to divvy up the spoils over a couple of weeks–I don’t want the trash men to instantly hate me.  So, it is with a blind faith in their generous trash pick-up policy that I write this post. If it’s still out there, will someone call me?

On a different topic altogether: A few of you have told me that my comments feature is f-ed up and that you can’t leave a comment. Can I just say how happy that made me? Not the inability part– (clearly we’re up against the edges of my tech skill.  Sorry about that. I’ll consult with the right people and see what I can do)–but that people wanted to leave a comment. That is so sweet.

And here I thought that I was writing into the great void!


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