A lighter shade of white

I now know what my next job will be: creating names for Behr paints at Home Depot. I’m in the midst of choosing the wall and trim color for the upcoming painting extravaganza. It turns out that there are a lot of whites when it comes to interior pain. Who knew?

I spent last week feeling confident about Crisp Linen. Not only was a clean and simple white (not all are), but it had a killer name. This morning, however, I put it next to my sofa and it looks a bit, em, harsh. Too white. No one wants to live in a room that reminds them of snow. In fact, if I’m going for the whole beach theme, then I really want to avoid that. We get enough of the real stuff up here, no need to be reminded of it when we’re indoors, right?

Now the color of choice is Eggshell Cream with Swan Wing trim. I might be loving this because it reminds me of an Egg Cream–which though I’ve never had, I kind of feel like I have because isn’t that what Harriet the Spy loved? There’s something about those two words together that gives me immense satisfaction. There’s the curve of the egg–both hard and soft–and the cool velvet liquid of cream. Who wouldn’t love that? And Swan Wing? C’mon. Yeats would be proud.


2 Responses to A lighter shade of white

  1. Maria says:

    I have discovered that one of the most stressful places to be in life is a paint store. I cannot handle the information overload. My way out: enlist my aesthetically savvy male friends to make the decision for me:)

  2. kmiddleton says:

    Eep! Isn’t the Yeats’ take on the swan about Leda and the Swan? As in greek myth of rape?!

    All of this to say, go with the literal, not literary associations for your white on white color palette. Ah, I hear the ocean breezes in your (landlocked) cottage already…

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