Blog silence equals house progress!

I’m just coming out of a five day painting extravaganza. It’s my very own personal “Extreme Home Makeover” show! With the doubled skills and energy of both my mother and Pierre, we accomplished so much. I have pictures, so I just need to post them. My new realization: having the right tools makes all the difference in the world. Pierre brought the full assortment of Purdy brushes (all sizes, angles, shapes) still wearing their little cardboard protective jackets, cleaning implements such as brushes and sharp comb thingy, and….MEGA WATT Lights!! No more dark painting!!img_0539.jpg

Oh, I almost forgot the most important tool of all (well, at least for Pierre):

One 12-pack of Labaats Blue (cans).  

It is required–so I’m told–to have this on hand if I want help.

Got it! The fridge will be forever stocked, my friend….


One Response to Blog silence equals house progress!

  1. little sis says:

    those working conditions sound familiar!

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