the blank canvas

so, i’m the dad following the mom from vermont by a week to help megan painting rooms inside her house. hot, humid, thunderstorms, and megan dying of heat under pierre’s kleig lights as she applies a third coat of some behr color to her upstairs bedroom. my first visit, so i’m witnessing the blank canvas stage of make-over as all the old stuff has, in fact, been stripped, sanded, torn up, taped over, primed, brushed, vacuumed and swept to the curb and disposed of by those magnificent albany trash men. out with the old….

the blank canvas: newly varnished hardwood and softwood floors. wonderfully off-white walls and woodwork. bare closets and bookshelves and kitchen cabinets. rewired first-floor outlets. newly painted celing fans. no furniture. no clutter. the clean spare house canvas every homeowner dreams of, but that only happens just this once, after which all megan’s photos will simply be “after” photos complete with furniture, utensils, books, style, taste, and personality–the personal clutter that we call home.


2 Responses to the blank canvas

  1. Hey, I’ve never done this! Is this legal? Am I doing it right? What are all those abbreviations, like RSS, what does that mean? Royal Stadium of Soviets? And URI?

    And you there, you’re Megan, and Toby too, right?

    Too bad about the pissy plumber. Fire him. There are others, and then there’s DIY, so easy anymore because of the availability of good advice via Net and TV. June and I have been contractors for 30+ years and customer service is at the top of our (mostly her, now) priorities. Why should one work with an asshole?

    This blog stuff is exciting. I want to do this on my website, which now I’m realizing isn’t really a blog because readers can’t respond to me within the site. How do I do this?

  2. kmiddleton says:

    I love the fact that Megan’s new digital “home” shares an ethos with her new physical/material home: the place to bring together friends and family…

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