Every month I get an email from the editors at with featured new bloggers. Here’s the one for this month.

Not only can the gal work her CSSs and links, but she’s got funky taste. I sort of thought my blog would be more about making decisions about backsplashes and shower curtains, but I’m still more at the fix-the-tub-drain-pipe-pitch-in-basement- and-figure-out- how-to-repair -broken-window pull-rope-thingy stage of things:)

One Response to Housebloggers

  1. There’s an excellent, quick video by “The Greenwich Window Doctor” called “How To Repair Old Windows: Preserve the Integrity of Your Home” that describes perfectly how to fix the broken rope (or chain) in old windows. It demystifies the process entirely, and explains why older windows have lasted as long as they have, and why they will last that long again once we know how to properly and easily maintain them. For those of us saddened by classic old windows being replaced by ever-more cheap, temporary plastic versions, this video is a welcome relief. (I’ll send it your way, House Girrl.)

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