The Buddha on Housework

I go through phases where I read a lot of Buddhism-inspired texts (Sharon Salzberg, Thich Nhat Han) and then I go through phases where I just need some People. I think I’m in the latter phase right now, which might be too bad because I think a Buddhist perspective could be really useful.

For example, I keep thinking that once I plow through my “To Do”lists that I’ll reach some kind of clear space. If I’m remembering correctly, Buddhism would suggest that we never reach that kind of completion (except when we’re dead). Instead of trying to get through and come out the other side, Buddhism encourages us to be more like water–to go with the flow and to live in the “now.” The present moment–this one–is all there is.

In this present moment, that determined squirrel is back to work on the empty McCormick Cumin jar he found in my neighbor’s recyling bin. Yesterday he spent over an hour trying to chew through the lid. Every time I passed through the dining room, I’d peek out the window to check on his progress. What persistence! It makes me like squirrels a tad bit more than before.


One Response to The Buddha on Housework

  1. Perhaps the squirrel is a Buddhist?

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