The Slacker’s School of Painting

There’s a small display of fireworks in the kitchen as Pierre troubleshoots the electric issues with the light. Unfazed, he grabs another Labatts and is psyched because he’s figured out the problem. As long as he’s not electrocuted, I continue my research on painting wood paneling. So far, I’ve found this article and this one.

As the week-end is now half over and I’ve already been to Home Depot once today, I’ve made the decision to forgo the whole sanding “suggestion.” I’ve swabbed the walls with soap and water, vaccumed like a mad woman, and that will be fine. Sanding is for sissies, she says, and takes another slug of her brewski.

Back at it.

And a big shout out to Jenn who taught me about TAB BROWSING yesterday:)


2 Responses to The Slacker’s School of Painting

  1. retepsnave says:

    too funny…
    this post’s title The Slacker’s School of Painting and then your subsequent post on getting stuff to sand…

    ah, sadly the only true way of learning is trial and error… hopefully not too much bloodshed/damage/etc. comes with the error! 🙂

  2. maxmsf says:

    oh man the sanding is key. Next time take a hit of that Nich That Than (one of my favorites) before your trip to HD. I bet if you did a wall w/without side by side you’d totally be able to notice the difference. – maxmsf

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