No More Painting

I should be painting the 1st coat of enamel on the guest room. I should be in my painting clothes, purple bandana wrapped around my head, the oldies station cranked on the portable radio. I should be half way done with that first wall by now.

Instead, I’m relaxed after yoga and about to curl up with the final episode of The Sopranos (it’s taken me a long time to catch up). Is it because my Labatts drinking task-master has headed to his own northern home? Perhaps. But more likely it’s because one can only focus on one’s house for so long. Then it’s time to focus on the other parts of your life…like yoga, Tony, and a fresh bag of Pepperidge Farm Brussels.



2 Responses to No More Painting

  1. retepsnave says:

    the scrumptious goodness of those little cookies!

    I’m sure they’d derail even the most hardened of task-masters!

  2. retepsnave says:

    it wouldn’t allow the html to embed a photo:

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