Vacation: All I Ever Wanted

After six  weeks of sanding, scraping, priming, swearing, and painting, you really need a  vacation.  At some point I realized that it was the first time I’d been outside since I bought the house.  Sure, I’d been “outside,” but only to hose down the screens or spray paint another coat of paint on the brown and brass ceiling fans.  Fresh air! Pine trees! Big lake and blue sky!

Around this time of year I begin to have teaching dreams.  They’re usually about forgetting to put on pants or forgetting that I have a class to teach. But these familiar and predictable dreams have been replaced by a whole new genre of nightmares: homeowner horror.  In one dream the house was burning down. In another dream, all the walls were made of cardboard and the basement was flooding. Home owner anxiety?  You bet.  So when we rolled back into town yesterday,  I was relieved to find the homestead still standing.  It looks fine and the yard isn’t even a field, thanks to the drought.

It’s good to be home.


One Response to Vacation: All I Ever Wanted

  1. Elizabeth says:

    From the photos you have posted, you hard work is really paying off! While you may have missed a lot of the summer being inside, think of the joy the house will bring when you are done… Is a house ever really done, though?

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