Big Tasks, small problems

Why is that when I am confronted with huge tasks (like planning a course,  writing  a syllabus, preparing to facilitate a professional development workshop), I find myself obsessed with tiny details? And I’m not talking about details pertaining to these huge tasks either. I’m talking about focusing on things like the amount of lint that came off my bath mat just now, the fact that I need to buy more stamps, or thinking about the way the kitchen towel gets folded on the rack.

They say that housework expands to fill the time you alot it, right? Well, clearly the same is true for thinking about house-related issues.  My brain spends far too much time dwelling in the space of ‘what’s-for-dinnner” and “man, it’s-time-to-find-that-dustpan.”  All of this worries me a tad bit because with the semester fast approaching, I need to get my head out of “house” space and into teaching space….fast.

One Response to Big Tasks, small problems

  1. jennifer says:

    I can relate.

    Clue #1: I’m reading your blog right now when I have three blogs to set up, syllabi to write, and bags to pack for the weekend.

    But, oh no, I’m all interested in stalking people via twitter and reading blogs.

    And I do a lot of the taking up thinking space too — my fave is definitely, “What’s for dinner?”

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