Curious Things


I’m beginning to discover the many quirky oddities to the house. Take the refrigerator, for example. Instead of being in the kitchen, it’s perched on the basement landing. I’m getting used to it, but it’s not great. Then there’s this thing: creative outlet work. Have you ever seen such a device? Even though it screams inept electrician, I’m beginning to actually admire the inventive pluck of whoever thought to install it. It has, I think, its own kind of understated elegance.

I’m just not sure why one would need it in the hallway.


2 Responses to Curious Things

  1. retepsnave says:

    oh dear… yes I’ve often seen all sorts of ‘semi-permanent’ extension cords run in old houses to make up for the lack of hard-wired outlets in those old houses…
    but this little forked devil is a new looking one to me!

    Be gone Satan!


    what you need to do is replace all non-grounded (dual prong) outlets with properly grounded ones…

  2. retepsnave says:

    oh, definitely save it!
    yes, those type of things always can give visitors a good laugh, or just a bewildering head shake

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