The Juggle struggle

Now that the semester has begun,  I’m going to have to juggle my work (teaching classes, attending meetings, reading student papers) with my house work (painting closets, choosing light fixtures, scraping old-person sticker glue off bottom of tub).  This should be interesting. As I left for work the other day, I stared longingly at my neighbor who was putting in flowers.  All I want to do is stay home and play! I want to say in my paint clothes! I miss my damn bandana!

Alas, mama has to make a living in order to afford the roof (which needs to be painted) that shelters her at night.  My new intention (notice the effect all this Buddhism is having on me) is to leave the worries of work behind me and make my new home my new sanctuary.  Whether it’s dealing with recalcitrant plumbers or crazy colleagues, I’m working on leaving them all behind me. For years my inner monologue has been Voltaire’s reminder: We all must cultivate our own gardens.  Now, for the first time ever, I’m not only taking this to heart, I’m taking this  literally.

I will find peace in my sweet 100s, my overgrown lawn, my big kitchen sink, and maybe even the basement (which is way better now thanks to a dehumidifier). And when the worries of my job and even of the house find me (as they invariably do), I will sink into my sofa and read celebrity tabloids and not feel guilty.


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