Labor Day Love

Can I just say–right now–how much I love Labor Day? As a holiday,  it doesn’t tend to rank that high and often gets overlooked.  But right now, it’s my BFF.

Pierre is coming down and I’ve already begun to compile a house list (poor guy).  I’ve reached a point where I feel that the house is pretty good, very liveable, and downright pleasant.  But now it’s time for some detail work and finishing touches.

Take escutcheons, for instance. They’re the little round shields that go around the radiator pipe on the floor. (And who knew there were so many meanings of this word!) Back in June, we took them all off and cleaned them. The intention was to paint them, I think, but as I write this, they’re piled in a corner on the workshop gathering dust.

So, this week-end I’m all about escutcheons, hall ceiling fans, and the delivery of….the NUETON! This is so exciting that it will certainly deserve its own post.

Too many good things all at once! Labor Day and the end of the Lawnman.

Bliss, my friends, pure bliss.


3 Responses to Labor Day Love

  1. little sis says:

    OMG! The Neuton looks pretty cool! I can’t wait to hear all about it – and hope it kicks some lawn mowing butt!

  2. Stoonie says:

    We LOVE our Neuton. It’s so quiet and easy to manouver. You’ll wonder how you ever managed with that gas-guzzlin’ behamoth.

  3. jenn says:

    Did the Neuton ever get its own post? Maybe I missed it. How’s it working out for ya?

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