The First Cut is the Deepest

If you’re waiting for my riffing of Bryan Adams-meets-the-Neuton, I’m sorry to disappoint you. That will be my next blog post! What I’m really thinking about today are the requisite highs and lows of the HOUSE HUNT. My sister and her husband have been searching for a house in Portland, ME for over a month now.  They thought they found the house they wanted only to lose it(or have it scooped out from under them) to another buyer.  Chalk it up to a lax realtor, the Labor Day holidays, the dream of “a buyer’s market” or just bad luck. The fact of the matter is that one day they were imagnining themselves living in this house and the next day it belonged to a different dreaming couple.

There’s no way to completely reframe this situation: it sucks.  And yet, as I listened to my sister’s story and nodded in sympathy, I realized that the only way to figure out the whole housing market thing is to jump in and go through it.  And the loss of your first sweet house is a crucial part of that journey.  You’ve got to go there to know there. You’ve  got to lose your first house so you can land the next one.  It’s all part of the crazy journey of homeownership.  You have to endure your share of battle scars and house sadnessess, but you’ll come out the other side steely and strong and ready to be a Homeowner.

And then you can deal with the rotor rooter man on the day after Labor Day as he snakes twelve feet of backed up sewage from a hole in your basement.

Hang tight, little sister. You’ll find your house and it will be beautiful.


One Response to The First Cut is the Deepest

  1. little sis says:

    ya. I’m really tough now. But there is truth to it all, we looked at one last night, and did 2 drive-bys. We’ve got 8 scheduled for this afternoon to go inside, with our realtor. We’ve got to be getting close! I can’t wait to have my own rotor rooter guy!

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