Local Food Festival

We could have cleaned the windows today. We could have rehung the bedroom closet door or at least painted it. We could have done a lot of things house related, but instead we piled into the VW and headed out to Altamont to check out Indian Ladder Farms and the celebration of local foods.

Twenty minutes later and we’d left the city behind us. We were deep in farm country and apple orchards in the valley beneath the Helderberg Escarpment. We parked our car, grabbed the camera, and bundled up in fleece. It was hard to know where to start: With the apple cider and cinnamon cider donuts? The spicy BBQ sauce? Maple cotton candy? The goat cheese? The goats themselves? The place was packed and there was a seriously sad moment when we thought we’d have to forgo the cider due to the insanely long line inside. But then, thank god, we found the secret outside take-out window around back.  Pretty soon we were munching warm donuts and drinking steaming cider out of paper cups. Sitting at a picnic table in a spot of sunshine, it felt like a pretty great way to start the fall.

We polished off a few donuts, brushed ourselves free of sugar crumbs and the friendly swarm of bees, and made new friends with Bob the woodworker and the woman at River Street Pottery. I began to have daydreams about alternate career paths involving fiber arts and craft festivals.

I even confronted my childhood fear of goats and petting zoos.

On the way home, we tried some other local food…at the Tastee Treat.



One Response to Local Food Festival

  1. mariakristin says:

    We must have just missed you! Peter and I were there also, what a fun event! And a perfect fall day for it. (I was mildly afraid of the llamas…)

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