Homage to Shel Silverstein

I’m not sure if this is what Shel had in mind when he wrote Where The Sidewalk Ends, but I’m pretty happy about it. In my ongoing effort to “soften” the front of my house, Pierre took a sledgehammer to the cement paths outlining the front porch. I’m hoping that this will allow me to get in there and get creative with shrubs and perennials. Someone should let my poor hastas know that their days of solitary soldier lines are numbered.


I’m thinking dogwood, rhododenden (spelling?), spirea, cedum, lady’s mantle, and maybe some shiny holly. Less lawn, baby!

Now, what to do with huge chunks of old sidewalk?



3 Responses to Homage to Shel Silverstein

  1. retepsnave says:

    yeah to less of that nasty old concrete stuff!
    (but good luck getting rid of it, maybe a few pieces to the road each week?)

    also, be advised that there are male & female holly and that you’ll need at least boy if you want the girls to have pretty red berries
    holly are dioecious (its currently occupying my front lobe as we’re working on our landscaping ideas and looking into planting some holly ourselves)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t know if you have already seen this- but someone else shares in your pain!


  3. Corrine says:

    Welcome to home ownership. I too had straight cement walks and grass with a line of hostas (and iris). My first home-owner task was to spread a layer of newspapers all over the lawn (cardboard also works great), followed by a layer of quite fresh cow manure, and on top, a thick layer of chips–wood chips, that is. Let sit for the fall and winter, and, voila, I got to go crazy with spring plant catalogues, local nurseries, and plants from the gardens of friends (and parents). If I were at home and not your parents, I’d post a photo or two of a few years later. Maybe you’ll just have to visit Asheville instead. Hugs, corrine

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