Sunday Supper

As you may have guessed by now, I love living alone. You can leave your dishes in the sink, throw your clothes on the floor, and sleep in the middle of the queen sized bed. But when Pierre is here, we fall into a comfortable rhythm of homemaking as a couple and it’s a nice change from flying solo.

In the past 24 hours, we hosted a make-your-own-pizza party, took a long walk, and made dinner. In my mind, these are the things that normal couples who dwell under the same roof do together. Tonight we roasted a chicken ( a la Martha, page 101—very tasty and super simple) and had a classic Sunday supper with sauteed Swiss Chard and Forbidden rice ,which my good friend Stoonie introduced me to and is an amazing dark velvety purple. (But I forgot how dark chard turns when cooked, so it was really more like a Black-n-tan version of dinner. Oh well.) We even fell into the classic patter of old married couples:

P: This is really good chicken!

Me: Yes! It’s so moist and yummy!

P: MMM, this is good eats.

Me: And it’s so tender!

But now he’s on the Northway heading to his home in VT. The little house feels empty and even though everything is in its place, something is missing.

I plan to console myself with a slice of chocolate pie left over from our dinner party last night.

Me: So moist!

Me: And tender!

Me: Mmmmmm…..happy.


2 Responses to Sunday Supper

  1. maria says:

    Jill sent me your blog. It’s fantastic. I share your joy and pain with the house renos! And I love seeing the photos on what you’ve done. My father and I have completely rewired my house and now I feel safe knowing there’s no more old bx cable. On to a new back door and still the bathroom, it never ends! BTW, check out my friend, stephanie’s blog at She’s dealing with the same stuff too!

  2. little sis says:

    I still have to find out how the pizzas turned out…plenty of time for socializing? I hope so!!

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