On Being a Grown-Up

I found this site where blogger Gretchen Rubin is undertaking a year long happiness project. She’s way into lists–which is cool–and this particular list is about the secrets of adulthood. It got me thinking though about this whole issue of adulthood. Because when does it happen? And shouldn’t someone tell you when it has? You get your driver’s license, you get to drink, you graduate from college, but you kind of know you’re not really a grown-up. Is it the first job? Marriage? Kids? Is it buying the house? Seriously, is it the house?

I’m thinking about this because I had a lousy day of meetings and strange student issues and ailments and weirdnesses. On days like this, I feel kind of duped about the whole grown-up thing. In the images of my grown-up future, I focused on the great parties I would be invited to and the cool clothes I could finally afford and all the movies I would watch and the European trips I would take. And most of these pictures involved lots of friends, lovers, and general good-time-people. (Clearly I saw “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” too many times.) I didn’t think about working or taking out the trash on Monday nights or why the chimney sweep dude is avoiding me. I didn’t know that everyone else would be busy with their jobs and trash cans and that I would eat guacamole for dinner and feel good because it’s at least green.

Did I mention that it was mid-terms?

One Response to On Being a Grown-Up

  1. little sis says:

    I’m dying to hear what “strange student issues and ailments and weirdnesses” entails…seriously, I want to know weirdnesses…!

    and my thoughts….I think it might be the house. I’m not even in yet, but I feel like life will totally change. We can host people, have dinner parties, do real “adult things”, that just weren’t that “adult” in an apartment or a condo. Ya, it’s the house – I think I’m gonna like it! Welcome to adult-hood! (But we can still act like kids!)

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