Hanging On

If my next door neighbor (the hairy naked guy) had happened to glance out his kitchen window earlier today, he might’ve seen me hanging from my dining room window.  I’ve been  closing storm windows, but this one window is posing a problem. I opened it too far and jammed one of those old sash weights. So now I’ve got the screen up, the storm down, and the window stuck.

I stood on a chair and pounded it with a hammar wrapped in a dishtowel, but to no avail. Then  I jumped for the top of the window and hung there for a good few minutes with front of my body pressed against the glass. Nothing.  I even tried a few pull-ups. If nothing else, it did give me time to appreciate the clean bottom half of that window.

I might need to borrow my other neighbor’s weight-lifting husband for a few minutes. I hope she won’t mind.


2 Responses to Hanging On

  1. Eve says:

    Sweet sweet Meg!!! Official member of the Home Owners Association. Stoonie shared your blog page with me and I am having so much fun reading your thoughts Meg! I have you in my favorites…..and check it now and then….. although the elusive hands of time have kept me from responding to your challenges….. you may get an unsolicited response. I am so happy your parents are lending a helping hand! I did when Stoon bought the house on St. Paul and I volunteered to help with the garden – we were doing great until I said “ah-ha, there’s the last of that root” and bingo, I cut the garden hose and we got sprayed to death. We thought we would pee our pants from laughter….. Good luck in your endeavours, and I will keep up on your progress.

  2. […] not the only one to face such struggles. Fellow single gal/homeowner Housegirrl shared her window woes with the blogosphere back in October. […]

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