Blog Challenge?

If, like me, you interpreted NaBloPoMo to mean something along the lines of Northern Biloxi Post Modernism, then you might want to check this out.  As it turns out, it’s National Blog Post Month and the challenge is to write a post every day for a month. How hard can that be? (I can already hear my future self cursing…) And, since this is primarily a house blog, I vow to do my best to write house-related posts as much as possible.

My house thought of the day is this: we might think we keep a pretty clean house, but we’re never really as clean as we think we are.  Friends from Boston are coming for the night, so I’ve been slowly cleaning the house since yesterday.  Pierre is right–I only clean the dirt I can see.  I’m a lazy sweeper, I never dust, I pile papers. But I feel like things are clean because I value fresh towels, empty sinks, and clean counters.  My motto is don’t look behind, around, or under anything else. You never know what might be lurking.


One Response to Blog Challenge?

  1. kmiddleton says:

    oooh, good luck! I hear that it does wonders for getting you up and writing every day! (I also hear that one strategy is to occasionally write two posts in a day and save one as a draft so that you can have a day off if you need it…)

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