As a kid, there were certain things I swore I’d never have in my house when I grew up: lace doilies on chairs (antimacassers?), smoky glass candy dishes filled with hard ribbon candy, carpeting on or near the toilet, crocheted Kleenex boxes, and those bean-filled snake things that protect against drafts at the bottom of the door.

Guess which one I’m now about to buy?

Here you go…

Now, my real question is: should I go all arts-n-craftsy and crochet one?

2 Responses to Tchotchkes?

  1. kmiddleton says:

    say it ain’t so!

    If they made punk-rock black ones with skulls on it, I’d buy one.

    Have you looked on Etsy?

  2. housegirrl says:

    Good call! I’ll check out our options and report back!

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