Stocked Larder

It feels like I’m constantly buying groceries. I don’t think it’s that I’m unorganized, inefficient, or forgetful. It’s just that there’s no such thing as one-stop-shopping around here. Do you need OJ and turkey? Then you’re heading to Hannafords or the Chopper. But if you need eggs or greens, then you’re heading over to Honest Weight or the amazing Troy Farmer’s Market.

But then there’s the whole meat thing. The one time I got a locally raised chicken at the farmer’s market, it cost $27.00. To be honest and fair, Pierre bought it. When he told me how much it was, I demanded to see it. What did I imagine it would look like? A turkey? For that price, I would’ve preferred to bring it home alive and make a coop and gather its eggs for like, um, a really long time.

At any rate, Housegirrl can’t afford a whole lotta local meat these days, which means I make a compromise and get Nature’s Place. Who know how truthful their claims are about no antibiotics or hormones. For all we know, Nature’s Place is in Peramus. But tonight I snipped some herbs from the last of my outdoor garden, cranked up my heat to 60, and am now headed to the kitchen to stuff my compromise bird with lemon and garlic. I just need to locate my rubber gloves…


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