The Cement Fairy

The last four months have taught me a lot about the hidden processes, invisible labors, and unknown dilemmas of homeownership.  I’ve done, seen, and touched things that I never thought I would.  I’ve been behind the curtain, seen the other side, blah, blah, blah.

But it’s good to know that there’s still some magic in the world.

And that magic is a guy in a truck who comes to your house while you’re at work and hauls away your huge pile of broken up sidewalk.  Yes, we should be more aware of what happens to our garbage and where our personal trash ends up. So, if you want to think about that, then read Elizabeth Royte’s book Garbage Land.

If, however, you’d rather join me in the world of ignorant bliss and disappeared cement, c’mon over. There’s plenty of room now, thanks to the cement fairy.



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