Again with the radiators!

I couldn’t help but notice the radiator and plumbing themes popping up all over the blogosphere. Over at Door Sixteen, they featured this totally cool one and then over at Anh-Minh’s site there was this post on plumbing. And the helpful folks over at Fixer-Upper had great lessons for all of us. But here’s a question–steam vs. heat? And is “keying” a radiator the same thing as “bleeding” a radiator? And what’s up with the violent connotations? Adjusting radiators is beginning to sound like some arcane back-woods hunting ritual…

So, I don’t think this counts as a “meme” in the blogosphere. Perhaps it’s more of a radiator round-up?

And last but not least, I couldn’t resist:


One Response to Again with the radiators!

  1. retepsnave says:

    it’s that time of the year to turn on the heat!

    keying and bleeding may well be interchangable terms… the main difference is if you have a hot water system or a steam system.

    hot water radiators typically have two pipes at the bottom (one feeding hot water, and one returning cooled water)… water circulates through a closed loop system with pipes and radiators… if air gets trapped inside (as the video demonstrates) you’ll lose heat in part of the radiator and need to remove (key/bleed) the trapped air.

    however, steam heat systems have radiators that look very similar to hot water ones, but only have ONE pipe feeding steam to them, cooled steam condenses back to water and drains back down the same pipe that brings up the steam. each steam radiator has a larger valve on them which allows the steam to escape from the system, thus any trapped air can also escape with the steam… ergo Steam systems don’t need to be keyed/bled.

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