On Obligation

This post is about the problems with feeling obligated. No one wants to feel obligated, yet we all do. We’re obligated all the time in all different ways. Today I attended at least two out of my four meetings due to feeling obligated. I’m committed, but at this point in the semester, even my obligations have obligations.

Tonight I feel obligated to respond to the remainder of my student drafts for our class in the morning. I’m also obligated to fufill my NaBloPoMo requirement of a daily post. And don’t get me started on all the other obligations that I’m simply not meeting. Damn, even the word “obligation” sounds fussy and tired and clunky.

Now, if I only could have a Nutella obligation, then I’d be all set. Or an obligation to  catch a big wave and learn how to surf on The North Shore. I want better obligations, damnit!


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