After driving through rain and sleet, I am now happily at my parents’ home.  Which means a bounty of dad’s fresh salsa, good wine, mom’s lasagna, vocal dogs, and the deep quiet of the northern woods.  Even though I officially have my own home, there’s nothing quite like coming home. Plus, they heat with wood and right now it’s 74 degrees.  74 degrees!

So far tonight we’ve talked about Google, beeswax, bowl-turning, bankruptcy, my hair, the dogs’ weight (a bit on the thin side), brining, turkey necks (don’t ask, I didn’t) and that we don’t have any nutmeg (which means I won’t be making that Maple nutmeg pie…)

It’s good to be here.

The Border Collie is waiting for me to toss him his little red rubber bone. Must oblige!

74 degrees!! I am actually kind of hot.  Love it!


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