Basement Walls

Every once in a while I hear a strange sound in my basement. It’s not a scary or mysterious sound.  The sound is soft and feathery. It’s the sound plaster pieces make as they shiver off the old painted walls.  I take comfort in the fact that it’s the sound of gradual decline rather than of imminent decay, but nonetheless, it’s not a sound I relish. Shhhvvvrr. Plop. Silence. Shiivvvr. Plop. Silence.
Part of me thinks that I may need to paint the basement walls.

Part of me thinks that’s a big NO. Which in my book means Next Owner.

Plus, I’m hardly ever down there except for doing laundry, gathering TP supplies, or wringing out the carpets.   Where does a homeowner draw the line between routine house maintenance and Big Expensive Projects? How do you know when you need to tackle a project and what you can safely ignore? These are the things I’m pondering this cold rainy night at the end of November.


2 Responses to Basement Walls

  1. maria says:

    Hey M, just a suggestion… I just used a gallon of Drylock for 2 walls in my basement yesterday when I noticed i was getting some water tricking in. It’s easy to use but is nasty smelling but it sure does work!. All for about $20 too. You just gotta remember to scrap any paint or plaster that is coming off first.

  2. housegirrl says:

    Thanks for the tip! That sounds like a good solution to a common problem. The scraping might be kind of problematic though–it would mean scraping off everything:)

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