Buddha Nature

Owning a house seems like the antithesis of Buddhism. Owning a house forces you to dwell a lot in the past (as in, what the hell were the Previous Owners thinking?). It also forces you to focus a lot on the future. All home repairs, maintenance, and renovation are future-oriented and goal-driven.

Today I’m wondering how to bring a bit more Buddhism to homeownership. Sometimes it feels like the house owns me, runs my life, and takes my time. But what if I were to see the house as an opportunity to practice dwelling in the present moment? So tonight, I’m breathing. I’m practicing non-attachment and non ego-clinging. As Sharon Salzberg writes in LovingKindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness:

The fulfillment we feel in owning, in desiring, is temporary and illusory, because there is nothing at all we can have that we will not lose eventually. (52)



One Response to Buddha Nature

  1. dad says:

    spoken truly about how difficult to live only in the present in one’s house…but likewise difficult to do so in pursuit of a career, relationship, reliable automobile, or writing project. what any of these pursuits teach you is that remembering, thinking, and planning are useful foundations for those precious times where just the present matters–like your time in the sun room with the fireplace, sleeping dogs, and time to write. i believe the real enemy of peaceful living is not possessions, plannning, and the like, oer se, so much as an unhappy balance among these and the other foundational elements of your life, each alone deserving only a limited alottment of your attention, energy, and time. put your house in order or cultivate your garden, and balance will come. p.s. want to see a guy living in the present, watch Ryan Gosling in the film Half Nelson.

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