Today’s the last day of NaBloPoMo and folks all over have caved, crashed, and burned. Even my beloved Smitten Kitchen didn’t make it. I gotta admit, it’s been hard. But I posted every day!

Which now means that I’ve officially fallen behind on everything else: sweeping, cleaning the bathrooms, dealing with recycling, painting the closet door in the bedroom, sewing my curtains, keying the radiators, hanging the wreath, planning the new course, writing the article, doing laundry, flossing, cooking, walking, meditating…you name it, it needs doing.

I’m giddy with completion. Sorry, I can’t help myself:


One Response to TGIF

  1. kmiddleton says:

    Sheesh. You had me reveling in your accomplishment until I hit the Manilow.

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