Why is it that nothing says “holiday” quite like ham?

For this year’s first annual Housegirrl Holiday Party, I plan to explore the world of spiral pork that only requires me to to put it  in the oven. I did this once before–after slathering its pink hiney (wait–is the whole thing a hiney? What the hell is ham?) with some kind of glaze. Add some piping hot cheddar dill scones and we’re talking happiness.

It’s high time for some parties around here and I’m hoping that the party will be a chance for me to gather my peeps together under one roof—mine–and celebrate the end of a very, very long semester.

So here’s to ham for making our holidays delicious and fatty:)


2 Responses to Ham

  1. Aimee says:

    yes, i do believe that the entire ham is indeed a tushie. 🙂 a tasty tushie. LOL.

  2. housegirrl says:

    Argh! Kind of yucky to think about, yet so good with some grainy mustard…

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