Having Enough

It’s been a bit of a tough week here at the homestead. Most of it, as you can probably guess, has to do with the three components of home ownership: time, money, energy.

Time has felt tight. It’s finals week, so I’ve been finishing up with grading and the usual end of semester crud. Meanwhile, Rhoda and I are slamming together an abstract (due tomorrow) for our article.

In the money category, there’s the fact that the car needed a new starter. While still reeling from this unexpected expense, lo and behold I discover that the washing machine drum–she ain’t spinning. (Have I mentioned my problem with appliances? In the same way that certain people can’t wear watches, I can’t live with machines. The year I lived with my parents, I broke almost every major appliance they owned: toaster, microwave, oven, and washing machine.)

In terms of energy, I just spent the last hour and a half shoveling my driveway. It’s our first snowfall and it’s gorgeous and fluffy. But why did they make all these old driveway so long? Next year, a snowblower is at the top of my xmas list.

So while a big part of me just wants more of all of three– time, energy, and money–another part of me realizes that it’s not about more of anything. I have enough. I have a roof over my head, electricity, a stocked larder, a friend to write an article with, a stellar snow shovel (thanks to Pierre), a cup of hot tea, and plenty of clean clothes while I sort out the washing machine snafu. It’s all part of this crazy ride of single homeownership.

If I was still renting, I’d be waiting for my landlord to plow the driveway and fretting about digging out my car. Now, as a homeowner, my little car is snug in the garage and I just got a great weight-bearing workout.


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