Shoveling 101

1. Wear coziest boots, but save cozy pants for afterwards.

2. Listen to The Splendid Table podcast so that in the midst of arctic winds you can ponder persimmons, meyer lemons, and raw goat’s milk cheeses.

3. Push snow as much as possible rather than scooping, lifting, or throwing.

4. Tell yourself that people with snowblowers may be better prepared, but there’s a kind of truth and beauty to the simple equation of woman + shovel + snow.

5. Remind yourself to put snowblower at the top of your birthday/xmas lists for the next year. Does Neuton make one?

6. Feel your biceps and lats get toned by the minute. Pay no mind to the odd twinge in your lower back.

7.  Don’t worry about getting down to raw pavement; that’s what snow tires are for.

8.  Greet fellow shovelers and revel in the unspoken camaraderie of manual labor.

9. Sip hot cocoa inside by the tree and admire your hard-won handiwork.

10. Go online and check prices on the cute little Honda snowblower available at Home Depot.


One Response to Shoveling 101

  1. test246 says:

    PLEASE borrow our snowblower (which, by the way, the two of us fixed all by ourselves the other day after it stopped working!) any time that you have a truck available to pick it up. The Honda snowblowers do look perfect, but it’s all so expensive.

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