The Land of Nog and Fiberglass Insulation

I’m up in the northern woods once again. This is no country for simple shovels. Up here, it’s Kubota tractors and Toro riding snowblowers. It’s x-country skiing in deep silent woods with a Border Collie on your heels. It’s eggnog and Irish Whiskey, homemade chili sauce smeared on a cracker, and Elvis singing about Blue Christmas.

But before we came north, Pierre and I spent a few days in his house installing insulation and reclaiming his kitchen after all the plumbing work he’s been doing. He’s basically rebuilding his little 1863 Cape house from the inside out. I’ve learned about how Pex works and helped Pierre strap in bathroom drain pipes (okay, all I did was hand him the screws he needed, but still…) He’s now doing this one-handed, since his left arm is in a sling post-surgery. Nothing slows the man down! Here are a few pics of our “other” house:





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