Possible Resolutions for 2008

  • Borrow a heatgun to remove the ancient linoleum in the upstairs bathroom. This is the same floor that sparked the heated exchange between me and Tony the plumber back in July. He tried to convince me that it wasn’t worth salvaging the original tiled floor, but I insisted that I wanted to try. He said that people use lino for a reason. I see his point, but these same people also carpeted over their southern yellow pine wood floors, so c’mon now.
  • Figure out the lighting in the kitchen. With one large light fixture in the middle of the ceiling, you’re always cooking, chopping, or cleaning dishes in the darkness of your own shadow. Task lighting! Recessed lighting! Under-cabinet lighting! Oh, I’ve got big plans.

These are such specific and concrete resolutions. I need some loftier resolutions about follow-through and completion, practicing acceptance, embracing openness, and seeking inspiration. I’ll get working on these.


One Response to Possible Resolutions for 2008

  1. kitliz says:

    People do absolutely insane things to their houses… especially covering up beautiful wood floors with carpeting. I support the “get the linoleum off my floor” movement… even if you can’t get the orginal tile back to what it used to be (I have found some grout has just seen too many dirty feet… although Zap! does work wonders) you still have the option of replacing with ceramic, which is one of my favorite things. So much more sturdy and always feels cleaner to me than linoleum. Good Luck!

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