On the streets

On my walk around our dripping city today, I was thrilled by how clear the sidewalks are. They’re mostly ice-free and rather dry too.  I did encounter, however, one section of sidewalk still covered in snow and slush.  This required careful stepping and slow moving for all pedestrians, runners, and dogs.  And then I couldn’t help but notice the big fat Hummer parked in the driveway.

Is it just me or do you see a connection between conspicuous consumption and negligent shoveling?

Random, I know.


One Response to On the streets

  1. dad says:

    whew! that’s about as random as it gets, the slush and the hummer, isn’t it? just the other day, i noticed at the end of my slush filled walkway, a suburu outbaack and VW jetta–hmm….do both jap and kraut cars suggest a flaunting of the american way & the principle of tidiness? and remember, jason bourne doesn’t believe in coincidences! possibly. randomly, too.

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