On Lighting

So this morning before I crack the books, I’m pondering lighting fixtures.  It’s pretty dark around here at night in the dining room and the staircase. (On the stairs in the dark, I can appreciate my mother’s concern that I ripped out the old-person railing. Oh well.)  The string of xmas lights are now my favorite source of light, so I think it’s time to figure out some kind of chandelier-type lighting fixture. Funny how I’ve never really thought about such things. It’s been like–uh, flip the switch on.  But now the switch flips on nothing and we are bathed in darkness.

I’ve checked the Depot and  scoped our local architectural salvage place for possible dining room lights, but so far I’ve struck out. I’ve also stalked all my fave cheap places–Target, Marshalls, TjMaxx.  But finding interesting small lamps is hard. And they’ve got zilch for big game like hanging lights.  So this morning I came across this cool site and am loving it.  You know, like, if money wasn’t an issue.


3 Responses to On Lighting

  1. kmiddleton says:

    For a field trip, you might try a local place—-sometimes they have stuff that’s cheap…


  2. jenn says:

    Sometimes Pier 1 has some neat lamps. Also, have you ever checked this place out? I have only seen their advertising and it looks kinda cool, but their webpage isn’t fully constructed, so I can’t tell if they have lighting.

  3. laura says:

    Ask your mom to keep her eye out for lighting magic once spring garage sales hit! 🙂

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