Given that last weekend was filled with teaching and new students, I’m luxuriating in a free weekend. Last night we invited Rhoda and her hubby over for spicy chili and molasses cornbread. With a crackling fire and good chocolate cake, it was pretty perfect.

Saturday morning finds me curled on the couch in my bathrobe with a mug of cafe au lait next to me, my Mac on my lap, my man at my feet, and a loud purring cat between us. It feels like we’re explorers in a new territory: what do we want to do today? Where do we want to go? The sense of open possibility combined with dedication to a date-day is delicious. Knowing me, I could spend the morning checking out options and let the day slip through my fingers. Yes, there’s tons of house stuff to do (we’ve been making lists like crazy), but today we’re shirking our duties and heading to a matinee and then here for tacos and then…who knows! There’s been talk of a Scrabble challenge.

P.S.  Pierre just read my post and said: “Don’t forget the gym.” Right. The gym! Here’s to hampsters everywhere:)

4 Responses to Saturday

  1. Aimee says:

    Ah, our Saturday is also a blank slate. I know what we “should” be doing, but who knows what we will actually be doing. Isn’t it great?? 🙂

  2. jennifer says:

    Sounds perfect! I am holed up in a hotel room in a cold northern state. I wish I was at home in my cozy house with a blanket and some tea! Have fun with “nothing”!

  3. dad says:

    well, my saturday, too, an open slate, but no difficulty selecting what to do–in the morning, before laura gets up to fix us scrambled eggs, i turn a very nice 9″ cherry bowl–i emphasize nice, because yesteday the bowl i turne became a funnel as i turned the chisel through what was supposed to be the bowl bottom….so with artistic production already behind me, i snowblow the few inches of fluff from the driveway and take a 40 minute ski with the dogs on perimeter trail…good for all of us. maybe a little rest now, then another bowl before i make cole slaw to go with the flat iron steak marinating in the frige. ah, the winter version of the good life. glad all goes well in albany.

  4. maria says:

    I hope you and pierre liked bros.! it’s so yummy. mike and i indulge every 2 weeks now when we head to albany and watch charlotte. the habanero papaya salsa kills ya it’s so good!

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