Given the enormity of dealing with my damp basement walls and a sloping cement situation, I’ve taken refuge in small do-able task.  Yesterday found me moping along until Pierre convinced me to take a run out to Home Depot.  Somewhere between the lighting aisles and coming back home to put on new chair pads, I got a lot perkier.  (The dark chocolate Toblerone bar might’ve played a role in this as well.)

We dedicated a few hours to concrete and specific house tasks: vacuuming the basement stairs, gluing the ancient dining room chairs back together, putting up an aluminum shower rod in  preparation of hanging curtains over the basement door (don’t ask), and even prepping for our upcoming insulation fiesta.  The peace of mind that came with action and completion was delicious.

So here’s to achieving that delicate balance between the “now” of a finished task and the long-distance future vision.   We need both to move forward with excitement and purpose. I, for one, clearly need to have both or I succumb to morose fantasies that involve  bulldozers and relocation.


5 Responses to Smalls

  1. OK – I have to ask. Whats with the curtain rod and curtains over the basement door?

  2. housegirrl says:

    Too funny! It’s my lazy-woman’s idea for cutting down on the cold air coming up from the basement. In an odd twist of architectural poor planning, the fridge is on the landing to the basement, so we took the basement door off to make fridge access easier. But–without the door, we get the drafts. The big plan is to insulate the basement, so that’s on the Big List. In the meantime, there’s my shower rod and heavy curtain idea.

  3. Dre says:

    I picturing your refrigerator-landing and I’m guessing the curtains actually look really nice in that space. It’s actually a great way to brighten that area! Sorry about the basement issue though. That’s a pain.

  4. When I was a kid the house I grew up in had two heating zones, upstairs and down. My father had a curtain at the top of the stairs to keep the heat from the first floor from going to the second. Who needs heat on the second floor anyway! We only slept there.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Good idea with the curtain! I bet it looks nice.

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