Next Year: Costa Rica

I don’t know whose lame idea it was to stick around and do work over break. Clearly, they had no idea the personal toll it takes on a body to drink coffee until noon and sit at the computer in her pajamas.  Not to mention the slippery slope of personal hygiene. At least on a tropical vacation if you stay in your PJs drinking drink coffee til noon, you’re at least doing all this at some  beach-side cabana.  With an attentive poolboy or two.

But the work vacation–the workation–as I’ve taken to calling it, leaves a lot to be desired. Hell, even working on the house would be a welcome respite from slogging through the draft of this article.  Did somebody say heat gun? Is there wallpaper to strip? Let me at it, I say! So, here‘s where I want to be one year from now and this is what I want to be doing:


3 Responses to Next Year: Costa Rica

  1. Jennifer says:

    We went to Costa Rica for our Honeymoon… it was SO MUCH FUN!!!! And, pretty cheap, too. 🙂 I can think of some GREAT places for Sun Salutations!

  2. kmiddleton says:

    What is this “slippery slope of personal hygiene” of which you speak? I’m sparkling clean every day. Maybe every other day. Maybe occasionally…

    Stupid workation.

  3. vermompreneur says:

    Yeah, baby!

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