My Liminal State

Here in upstate New York we are hovering between two seasons. We’ve got a Sorrell boot still firmly planted in deep winter while our other foot (shod in a purple skimmer flat) is poised to step lightly into the fresh world of spring. For the moment, however, we are stuck in between.

There’s a stubborn patch of old snow in the corner of my yard that won’t seem to melt. It’s beginning to look permanent.

Half of my front yard is dead–yellow, parched, and crispy, but at least the other half looks perky.

I went searching for the first signs of daffodil tendrils, but they’re still waiting for sun.

I tried to order a pair of smart cropped jeans, but they’re on back order for 10 weeks, at which time, it will almost be fall again.

I discovered that my bran cereal has high fructose corn syrup listed as the third ingredient.  So much for old favorite bran muffin recipes. Here’s the new one I’m trying.

It’s the waiting game, I guess. Waiting for spring, open-toed shoes, the first asparagus spear, and robins on my lawn.


One Response to My Liminal State

  1. Two days ago I discovered the same about MY bran cereal. (Same cereal? Probably. Of certain famous bran muffin recipe fame, no?) I use Wheatabix for that recipe now, and discovered it works beautifully, although on their own they taste like shredded cardboard.

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