On Po’ boys, Biscuits, and Baby

I returned from the muggy gulf coast to a frigid house with no food. Though I’m a Northerner through and through, I’ve clearly got a soft spot for New Orleans. Even on the hectic conference schedule, I managed to cram in my fair share of buttermilk biscuits and crawfish etouffe (once I figured out what it was). One morning I even had time to wander the back streets of the French Quarter. It had been almost twenty years since I’d been in that city, so it was great to see that the open-air French Market is still there (though not as great as I’d remembered it) and the riverwalk is alive and well. After months of work, it felt amazing to be free from agendas, deadlines, and student writing. And every guy called me “Baby” or “Sweetie”–which I thought was kind of nice in a weird way. Things to do next time:

Get a muffalotta at Central Grocery

Walk further down Magazine Street

Explore the Garden District

Ride a streetcar (though there’s no longer one for Desire Street–now it’s Bus #55 or something.)

Check out the zoo or the riverboat Natchez

I’m back to upstate reality today, but I’ve got tulips fighting their way through old leaves and that’s enough to make me smile.


3 Responses to On Po’ boys, Biscuits, and Baby

  1. You made me homesick. I am from that area and now live in Tennessee. I was displaced after Katrina and have not returned. This is a great place also, but as dorthy said. There is no place like home.

  2. housegirrl says:

    My heart goes out to you! I’m in the middle of watching Spike Lee’s documentary about Katrina and
    learning even more about the horrific way it was handled.

  3. Taryn says:


    I work at Bridge Worldwide in Cincinnati, OH and I LOVE your blog! I am looking for a shadow writer to write up to three posts per week (depending on budget) for our blog.

    We would build the blog, but you would be our shadow writer for our brand (Momentive Performance Materials). We would ask that you talk about using our product every 3 to 4 posts, other than that you would just need to talk about DIY/home improvement jobs you did around the house.

    We could do a 3 month test…May – July.

    Can you please contact me at t.kitte@bridgeworldwide so we can talk more details?



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