Branches & Twigs

Last fall, in a burst of yard work, we made a big pile of sawed-off branches and errant twigs. We made this pile in the middle of the backyard. At the time, it seemed like a fine idea. I remember thinking that we could make a bonfire at some point. Maybe toast some marshmallows. Clearly, my Vermont sensibilities clouded my vision because once the snow melted, there was that big ol’ pile of tree leftovers. There had been no fire. The pile seemed shrunken, but only slightly.

So Saturday found me hauling parts of this pile down my embankment. Picture scratched forearms, slipping on sodden leaves, cursing. Piles are harder to move than you think. Later on I saw that other people had similar issues with downed tree limbs, etc. But these people had bundled up their twigs into tidy little packages trussed with twine. They looked like eco-friendly lawn decor awaiting the trash pick-up. My first thought was: Who does this? How much time did they spend getting their branches and twigs all the same length? Did they use a saw or a chainsaw? I remain in awe of such careful conscientious lawncare. Meanwhile, I’m slowly turning my back acres into a forest. Or a dump.

4 Responses to Branches & Twigs

  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh, you brought me backto last summer when we disposed of our tree trimming waste ourselves! We could have had a glorious bonfire, too…

  2. retepsnave says:

    yeah yard clean up is so much easier in the hinterlands…

    just be aware that the city may decide not to pick up your pile of branches. they do require that branches be tied into bundles, as much as a pain in the ass that that becomes… sometimes we have gotten away with just a small bunch placed at the road without being tied together.

  3. retepsnave says:

    oh… also not sure if you already know about the Albany Spring Cleanup Trash day the one day a year that they will take just about ANYTHING you put to the curb… you can quite possibly put half your house to the curb and they will take it all – no questions or fines!
    always a good day to know and plan ahead

  4. housegirrl says:

    I DID NOT know about this! I’m so excited. Thank you!

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