Home Depot Hell

You could say I have a love/hate relationship with Home Depot. Sure, they have everything you need for home repair under one huge roof. Then again, sometimes you don’t want “everything”–sometimes you just  want one quart of Behr paint and a cord switch.  In this case, you imagine you’ll run in, grab what you need, and glide through the self-checkout line.

But this is just a fantasy of the uninitated. There will be no one-item grabbing in the warehouse of excess; dream on about a self-checkout line when there’s raw lumber involved. As for that simple little quart of Behr paint? That will involve agonizing comparisons between thirty shades of greenish/blues, long lines, and a harried solo paint-clerk. Just when you think you’re done, you’ll be called back to the paint counter over the store intercom system and told that the paint you selected can’t be mixed in such a small amount. When this happens, there will be frustraiton and confusion. You might even end up selecting a Disney color and not caring.

There comes a point in every DIY life when you just want to go home. Spending time at the Depot makes your unfinished tile floor, half-painted kitchen, and jerry-rigged electrical system seem  just fine.  You’ve lived with it this long, what’s another couple months?


3 Responses to Home Depot Hell

  1. Your Home Depot doesn’t offer self checkout for raw lumber? Are you sure? Mine does–you just have to make sure that the piece of lumber you select has the barcode on it.

  2. Oh yeah, and also? The paint clerk’s claim that the paint cannot be mixed in a quart is total BS. They just were being lazy or they can’t do math to break down the gallon formula into a quart formula (duh).

  3. Retepsnave says:

    Miller Paint store on Central Ave (near Ichiban) is a true old fashioned paint store… more often than not we’ve been going to them and avoiding H.D. (who several times couldn’t match a batch of their own stock paint!)

    and yes you’re definitely not alone in your Home Depot frustration: http://www.homedepotsucks.com

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