Less Lawn

Inspired by Michael Pollan and the importance of local food, I’m considering turning part of my front lawn into a vegetable garden. I was imagining a half-size picket fence around some kale, lettuce, and spinach, but then I learned about Edible Estates and see that the possibilities are endless!


One Response to Less Lawn

  1. dad says:

    meg, i just reviewed last few entries and love learning about the many small things in your life, including (i guess) frustrations. i also celebrate “rediscovering” (as in john prine) which is quite powerful, and as i’m cleaning our garage attic all week, i keep finding such pleasures myslelf–including, by the way, your Marin Mt. bike that would be oh so useful riding your flat albany streets. and very nice to see the spice shelf in action, as i only knew it as a piece of shop woodwork! did you ever get and install that line switch at HD? hope all goes well in albany on this welcomed gently raining vermont day.

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