The Simple Life (sans Paris & Nicole)

When I was a kid I was enamored of a book about a circus bear–Bernadette–who ran away. I studied the pictures of the book really closely. The themes of liberty and personal freedom weren’t the ones that drew me in. The picture I loved was the one that showed her all snug in her little trailer.  Everything was in arm’s reach, quilts piled high on the iron bed, gingham curtains on the tiny windows. It made captivity look okay.  In my mind a trailer signifed wheels, highway, and travel.

In my morning trolling through my bloglists, I found this slide show over at Apartment Therapy and was immediately transported back to my trailer-dreaming days.  Is it just me or are you a wee bit in love with this color-craving, simple-living, thrift-store shopping, vegan-cooking, sweet baby-holding family?


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