On Why People Pay Landscapers So Much Money

I’ve now officially spent the last two weekends doing yardwork and I can barely walk.  But, with my mom’s help, I’ve now “softened” and extended the narrow linear perennial beds that used to frame the front of the house.  We broke up sod, dug up roots, added peat moss to aerate the soil, rototilled, planted, composted, and watered.  It was a bitch, but it’s all in the name of beauty.  Things look a bit small and “cutesy” at the moment, but in time I’m hoping for a lush and slightly wild cottage garden. Fingers crossed.

My next challenge is building my own version of a rabbit-proof fence. Turns out that the wildnerness of my back lot is prime bunny territory.  Guess who’s going be the next Farmer MacGregor?


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