Rabbit Proof Fence: Part II

My mom and I gave the chicken wire our best shot, but it took a dad to make the thing work. So here’s a snapshot of yesterday afternoon’s work: slicing sod, digging a trench, folding chicken wire to make a flange (to stop their digging), sinking chicken wire in trench, replacing cut sod on top, stapling chicken wire from hell on cedar posts with a cheap staple gun. Did I mention that it was raining the entire time? By the end of it we were soaking wet, our boots thick and heavy with mud, cursing, and hungry. But nothing that a hot shower and a good pizza couldn’t fix.

All in all, a great day’s work.

This morning I put in the old paver stones to make a path, added more peat moss, planted seeds and seedlings and felt triumphant. Until I realized that the hot sun was baking their little leaves. My first attempt at providing sun protection included layers of table cloths, hair ties, and safety pins. It looked like a kid’s fort in a wire cage. Not good. Reluctantly I headed out to a garden supply center and got the right stuff–gauzy white plant blanket. It’s amazing what having the right tools and supplies can do for you!

So now I’m nearly paralyzed with lower back pain and covered in dirt, but it was a great day. Here are some pictures–check out the cute fence door my dad made. I love it.


2 Responses to Rabbit Proof Fence: Part II

  1. laura says:

    You go girl!! It looks like you got the real thing–Remay–to shield your baby plants from the sun’s hot rays. Once those plants get established you won’t have to baby them, but now it works well. It’s raining here now–I hope it rains gently all night and that it does the same for you. Your new garden will love it! That dad of yours really does nice work.

  2. housegirrl says:

    I’ll say:)

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